Electricity emergency

Gas emergency

100 minutes without power because Dial Before You Dig wasn’t called


19 Jun 2018

Evoenergy is urging all residents to call Dial Before You Dig before completing any work around the home after last year third-party damage to underground gas pipes and electricity cables caused outages, affecting around 2,000 ACT customers.

Avoidable third party hits on Evoenergy assets resulted in customers on average experiencing an electricity outage for over 100 minutes in each incident.

Will Yeap, Evoenergy Branch Manager Gas Networks, said “in addition to strikes on the electricity assets, there were more than 240 avoidable hits on the natural gas network last year, which equates to two hits every three days”.

“There are more than 6,000km of underground water and sewerage pipes managed by Icon Water, striking and damaging underground assets can cause significant damage and interrupt the supply of electricity, gas and water.

“By calling Dial Before You Dig on 1100 you can prevent damaging important underground utilities. They let you know where underground pipes and cables are on your block.

“Dial Before You Dig works with customers and our team to send location plans for underground pipes and lines, which can help avoid unnecessary damage to these vital assets.

“Damaging gas pipes, water pipes or electricity cables can not only be dangerous, but expensive and cause service disruptions to you and your neighbours.

“It is also vital to ensure that above ground assets like mini pillars are 1.5 metres clear from obstruction like rocks, rubbish bins and plants as it helps our crews respond quickly to network issues and continue to provide our community with reliable services,” concluded Will.

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