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Your energy retailer is responsible for the installation, maintenance and replacement of meters. From December 2017, the Power of Choice rules shifted this responsibility to retailers to give consumers more control over their energy services. Read more here.

If you have an Evoenergy meter installed prior to 2017, we will continue to read, maintain and monitor it.

Safe access to your meter

It’s important your meter isn’t blocked by obstructions such as trees or landscaped walls. Avoid fencing in your meter box, however if it is behind a fence you will need to make sure the gate to access it is unlocked. If you are concerned about the security of your meter, you can order an Evoenergy padlock.

For the safety of the people who read your meter, or need to access it for maintenance, it’s also important any dangers such as dog attacks are avoided. Dogs should be safely secured and kept away from the area of the meter box.

Meter requirements in the ACT

Contact your energy retailer for meter information, upgrades, and installations.

Basic meters (Type 6) can no longer be installed within the ACT and are scheduled to be removed from every premises within the ACT by 2030 under the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) program. Because of these legislation changes, Evoenergy no longer offers reprogramming services for Type 6 meters.

For new meter installations, or if a meter upgrade is required, a smart meter (Type 4) will be installed. Smart meters allow access to real-time data and allow you to better understand your energy usage patterns and make informed decisions about your consumption.

If you are getting solar installed and have a Type 6 meter which is not already programmed to record bi-directional power, you will need to upgrade to a Type 4 meter. This must be arranged by your electricity retailer prior to your solar system becoming active. Solar connections without a bi-directional meter installed are non-compliant and you may miss out on generated solar credits.

Electricity meter padlocks

We offer padlocks to help you secure your electricity meter box, while still allowing access for maintenance and meter reading.

You can purchase this padlock for $101.12 ($50.56 for eligible concession card holders) from the Evoenergy depot in Greenway. You can also get a new key cut for $10. We accept card payments only.

Keep your padlock key in a safe place so you can use it if you ever need to access your electricity meter box. If you find evidence of tampering with your electricity meter box, call ACT Policing on 13 14 44 or Evoenergy on 13 10 93.