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Security Policy

We take your privacy seriously – the information you give us will never be provided to third parties or used to send unsolicited emails.

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Part 1: You and your household

The information collected in this section will help us understand your circumstances and eligibility to participate in the trial.

Personal details

Part 2: Your energy use

This section will help us to understand what influences your energy use, and how changes in your energy use impact on the energy system in your home.

Electricity bills are made up of network charges, government taxes and charges, and retail charges. The network charge represents around 40% of your total bill while the retail charge covers the retailer’s costs, including the cost to purchase the electricity.

Part 3: Your understanding and interest in participating

I want to be more in touch with my energy consumption
Potential to reduce my electricity bills
Potential to help reduce critical peak demand strains placed upon the grid
Help encourage more renewable energy into the electricity grid
Other - please enter your reason below