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Note: Applicant to submit Special Connection Request on the Evoenergy website to initiate the embedded generation connection process at the time of application for electricity network connection or alteration.

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Additional information

This form must be completed in full before being accepted by Evoenergy. Permanent supplies will not be actioned from temporary supply applications (a second application form must be submitted for the permanent supply).

Where applicable detailed maximum demand calculations must include the following details. (Note: withholding this information may result in delays in responding to this request.)

  • Type of development (office, warehouse, industrial etc.).
  • Timing of the development. If the development is to proceed in stages, the timing for all stages.
  • Net useable floor area, gross floor areas and their proposed usage.
  • Type of heating and cooling (gas, electric, etc.).
  • A list of the load components of the proposed installation with their maximum demands, diversity factors, etc.
  • Information on load management system (if applicable).
  • Duty cycle of any large equipment or duty cycle of an industrial process.
  • Details of any substantial intermittent and fluctuating loads.
  • Details of any large single phase loads.
  • Details of any loads likely to cause substantial harmonics.
  • Details of any loads which are likely to have poor power factors.
  • Any seasonal factors, i.e. seasonal variation of load.
  • Main factors affecting level of demand. Removal of any part of an existing installation.
  • Any planned future augmentations or upgrades.
  • Any on site emergency backup arrangements.
  • Details of large starting motors and voltage drop limitations.


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Applicant declaration

I, the undersigned, understand that this document does not constitute an offer to connect my premises to the Evoenergy electricity network or an offer for the supply of goods or services of any type. It does not form a contract between Evoenergy and any third party and does not oblige myself or Evoenergy to enter into an agreement to supply goods or services of any type.