Electricity emergency

Gas emergency

With the winter season approaching many Canberrans enjoy natural gas to heat the home, so it’s a good time to remember to treat gas appliances with caution, whether it’s for heating your home, cooking or even using it for hot water.

As gas is naturally odourless a rotten egg smell is added to easily recognise any gas leaks that may occur to help keep families safe.

Evoenergy Branch Manager Works Delivery Clinton McAlister says when using gas appliances, ensure they are certified for use in Australia and have them properly installed by a licensed gas fitter.

“If you’re at home and smell a rotten egg odour avoid using any source of ignition and if safe to do so turn off your gas supply, ventilate the area and move outside.
“Once you are a safe distance away, call the gas emergencies and faults number on 13 19 09.

“As we also need access to your gas meter, please keep obstructions like bins and plants clear at all times. This lets us safely restore services to you more quickly during unplanned outages.

“It is also important to avoid storing or using flammable chemicals near operating appliances and for your safety please don’t tamper with fittings like safety valves or gas hoses.”

Evoenergy has also launched some great gas deals that make it a smart time to upgrade your old gas appliances. Install energy efficient 5 and 6 star ducted gas or space heating and you can get up to a $1,000 Visa card.




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